tirsdag den 28. februar 2012

Nun4Fun progress

Anne/Maru/Esther in da houuuuse!

Is-9 isn't the only one who is being progressive, noooh sir!
As a matter of fact I've finished the first part of my costume for the Finals in Paris.

With over 10 meters of tulle distributed over 4 layers this puffy monster is ready to bring fun to my nun =D

Moving on to the outer skirt, I've been working on it for quite some time now, using an aqua trick marker to draw the pattern onto the fabric. When that's done, I'll paint the pattern with some expanding-ish fabric paint to make it look like embroidery.

So far so good. This picture is old, I've added roses to the frills, but still not done xD

Right now I'm on the crosses for my gloves. -> A royal pain D:

A sample of the embriodery for the gloves. Took me a day to do D:

Last I'm just gonna flash the perfect crosses we found for my earrings:


Back to work

mandag den 6. februar 2012


No update in more than a month? This cannot be!

So, here's an update on what we've done since last the last post.

A few weeks ago, Maru and I went fabric shopping with our friend Degu - FriedDeer couldn't come because of evil, evil exams, so there's another fabric trip in the pipeline - and we managed to get pretty much all the fabric for Paula and Esther in one place, go us!

I'd finished the patterns for Paula's robe beforehand, so I went right ahead and cut the fabric - but then I realized I didn't have the right bias tape (I think that's the english word for that) so I couldn't get any further. So while I'm searching for bias tape (ultimately, I'll probably have to make my own...), here is the mockup of Paula's robe, in amazing dirt-cheap-fabric-o-vision:

 I also found beads for Paula's rosaries. Aren't they nice?

And finally, I begun sculpting some of the jewellery for both Paula and Esther. There all need sanding and most of them will be cast in resin eventually, so it's more of a preview than anything, but hey, there's a picture!

Next up: more sculpting, questing for bias tape - and maybe embroidery!

Is-9, over and out!